Morris online:
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Morris-related musical activities:
(some other musical activities in which choir members (past and present) are involved)
Morris Minors Folk Choir (a relaxed Thursday morning session for parents/carers and their babies)
The London Sea Shanty Collective (a choir, with an online singaround)
WAWM (a singing group)
Tim Jones & The Dark Lanterns (a band)
Spirit of Play (another band)
The Harrison Singaround (a monthly singaround near King's Cross)
Cecil Sharp House Saturday Folk Music Workshops
Trad Academy (folk music and dance classes)

Some folk music resources:
Folk and Roots (folk resources including listings)
Folk London (listings magazine's site carrying info on folk-related events)
The Full English ('The world's biggest free digital archive of English traditional folk music and dance tunes', from the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library in Cecil Sharp House)
Tobar an Dualchais/Kist o' Riches (older, Scottish sibling of Full English, containing over thirty thousand recordings)
A Folk Song A Day (Jon Boden's 365-day project; all the songs can be heard here)
BBC Alba's Year of Song (extensive audio/video/text Scottish Gaelic song resource; click 'English' button if you can't read the Gaelic)
Mudcat (folk song database and forum) (now static, but still viewable folk song database and forum)
fRoots/Spiral Earth's Festival Directory
UK Folk Festivals Directory
Covid Songs 2020 (a collection of lyrics of new and updated songs heard in the early months of Covid)

Some other links we like:
Elsbeth van der Poel (Elsbeth designed the Morris logo) (a directory of choirs in the UK)
Choirplace (choir resources, including choir directory)
Big Big Sing (a UK choirs project, including choir directory)