(Note for choir members: As you can see, we are active online and on social media, and in public performance, so choir members should expect to appear in publicly-shared photos and audio/video recordings of the choir.)


We have a Youtube channel, where you can find a number of recordings of our performances. Playlists currently include songs from Christmas carol services, Remembrance Sunday events, concerts, and the songs from our CD...

Our CD! To mark our 10th Anniversary in 2018 we recorded an album, Loud & Proud: Ten Years of Morris Folk Choir. It's sold out now, but you can hear all of it on our Youtube page.

In an April 2016 edition of BBC Radio 3's The Choir, we were featured in the Meet My Choir segment, which you can hear here.

In summer 2015 we recorded My Son John for Deutscher Chor London's folk CD project. It's fair to say we were the least classical choir involved in the project! We were very pleased to be invited to be part of it, and think it turned out pretty well. We later included that recording as a bonus track on our CD, and it can also be heard on Youtube, as above.

And we recorded a song with Ceri James & The Three Fifths - When In Darkness /Games People Play - in the hall where we rehearse. It's not typically us, but we're up for anything, and a good time was had by all! Our thanks to Ceri for inviting us to join him. It is on the album St Augustine's Heart, which is available to buy on the Ceri James website.